A day for french fries

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Although these observations make you smile, I’m telling you that on December 2nd of every year, oil and frying pan are the main protagonists of this very strange day. World Fried Food Day is celebrated, an event that is unhealthy for some and appetizing for others.

It is estimated that the origin of World Fried Food Day originated from Pancake Day, an unofficial national day in the United States, dedicated to frying vegetables, fruits or meat in batter.

Fried foods: good or bad for your health?

Frying is a type of cooking or cooking technique by which foods are cooked immersed in fat, butter or oil. There are countless options for fried foods: fish, chicken, potatoes, tortillas, and many other dishes.

The most curious of all dishes is fried ice cream. It is a dessert prepared with a scoop of ice cream at a very low temperature and topped with raw eggs. They are covered with crushed crackers or cornflakes and lightly fried. The low temperature of ice cream prevents it from melting while being fried.

Among the best known types of frying, the following stand out: Roman style (with flour and eggs), breaded (with eggs and breadcrumbs), gabardine (with dough made of flour and a fizzy liquid such as beer, soda water or a siphon)…

Various studies and investigations confirm that foods subjected to this type of cooking lose their nutritional value, as a result of fat oxidation and thermal decomposition, which leads to the generation of some substances harmful to health, such as acrylamide.

Habitual consumption of fried foods can lead to health complications, such as: increased body fat, leading to weight gain and obesity. They contribute to the generation of cardiovascular diseases, promote increased cholesterol and triglycerides, and increase the risk of some types of cancer (colon, breast, prostate).

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