A Cuban mother desperately needs the loss of a 13-year-old girl in Miami

A family in Miami-Dade County is anxious and desperate about a 13-year-old girl they think may have been kidnapped.

Brianna Claro was last seen on the afternoon of April 23rd riding a blue Nissan. A security camera from across the street caught the young woman as she was leaving while she was still wearing her school uniform.

The family said that they do not recognize the car and that the girl does not answer her phone.

Brianna’s mother Anna Jimenez sent a message via América TeVé cameras: “You know that I love you, you know what makes me suffer. Fear not if you watch this, I am not going to do anything for you, I want you at home, I love you and I need you. There is no life here, we do not sleep, we do not eat. “

A police officer answered the call Monday afternoon at Zaby’s grocery store on Northwest 2nd Avenue and 57th Street, after receiving information about the possibility. Attend the girl In that place.

Police indicated that this would be a place too far from where she was last seen riding in a stranger’s car.

Anyone who believes they have seen or have information about his whereabouts should call Miami Police at 305-603-6420.

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