A Cuban baseball player decided to stay in the United States after pre-Olympics and joined three other dissidents

Andy Rodriguez joins the three other fugitives from the Cuban delegation

Cuban baseball player Andy Rodriguez His whereabouts are unknown after his participation in the pre-Olympic Games held in Florida (USA) where Your team failed to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

As detailed by the specialized portal full swing, the player He had to return to Japan to resume his commitment التزام In the small tournaments of the Asian country with Softbank Falcons but he did not return or answer the calls.

The information guarantees that Rodriguez will be the fourth member to escape from the Cuban delegation And that it would be within the North American country, the same country as his father’s, which is in Homestead, south of Miami-Dade Country.

The Cuban Baseball Federation reports that Bowler Andy Amore Rodriguez Valdes decided to breach his contract with Softbank’s Halcones team فريق, from the Japan Professional League, a country he had to travel to today from the United States,” the Cuban Federation recently reported through a statement in Twitter

The baseball player had to return to Japan after finishing a pre-Olympic tournament with Cuba
The baseball player had to return to Japan after finishing a pre-Olympic tournament with Cuba

The media also concerned in detail that Rodriguez, who is considered One of the main prospects of Cuban baseball and has a real chance of getting into the major leagues, he had a special detail before the delegation returned to Cuba: “A very emotional hug with some colleagues.”

Rodriguez case adds to Three other similar members of the delegation that traveled to the United States. abandoned last week Jorge Cel Figueroa, the psychologist of the Cuban baseball team, as well as from Cesar PrietoOne of the promises of the national team and the promises of the bowler Lazaro Blanco.

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Cille Figueroa, 33, decided to leave the Cuban delegation to stay in the United States. The professional was born in 1988 in the capital of Cuba and studied psychology at the University of Havana. According to his LinkedIn profile, He worked at the Institute of Sports Medicine as a sports psychiatrist, specifically for the Cuban baseball team.

in case if Prieto, The Young Promise left the team as soon as he arrived in Florida. He got off the bus that took them from the airport and got into a car that was waiting for an unknown destination. After hours The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) confirmed the defection of its player.

“Your decision, Contrary to the commitment to people and the team, it bred divorce among his colleagues and other members of the delegation,” the official statement could have been read.

Cesar Prieto left the Cuban delegation as soon as it arrived on American soil
Cesar Prieto left the Cuban delegation as soon as it arrived on American soil

Lazaro BlancoMeanwhile, he faced a situation similar to that of Rodriguez. Promising Savior I had to leave for Mexico to join his team (Saraperos) but would have made the same decision as his partner when he deserted and did not take the corresponding flight.

Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball League reached an agreement in late 2018 that would have allowed Cubans to play in the United States without having to defect first, but Ex-President Donald Trump quickly rescinded it.

since then, he was there Several cases of Cuban players who left their teams to play in the United States.

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Cuba, what I was in group B pre-Olympics Held in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucy, East Florida, she called off the tournament by defeating Columbia. It wasn’t enough for him to move to the second stage.

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