a close relationship between Chihuahuas and the United Kingdom; They treat grants and energies

The Governor welcomed John Benjamin, whom I thanked for his presence and his interest in promoting the state with several companies from the United Kingdom, analyzing areas of opportunity for the Chihuahua.

Welcome to the big country, the land that knows well the fruits of multinational cooperation. In today’s world, local needs today take on a global dimension. The ruler said that it is very important for us to build bridges and thus strengthen trade relations, tourism, investment and, of course, education.

The state chief said her administration is working to give a new boost to the economy and announced that in 2022 alone there will be more than 35,000 new jobs, thanks to the certainty being created in the entity.

In turn, the UK Ambassador, John Benjamin, announced that he would be staying in Chihuahua for several days and that his stay would include visits to Sierra Tarahumara, Ciudad Juárez and Delicias.

Benjamin made it clear that they would work with Chihuahuas on issues such as climate change, electrification schemes, emissions control, higher education scholarships, and broadening the pool of applicants for British scholarships, among others, and expressed his willingness to strengthen relations with Chihuahuas for years to come. .

The DIF Head of State, María Eugenia Galván Antilón, attended this meeting. Cabinet Coordination Secretary Luis Serrato Castel; Minister of Education, Javier González Moken; Secretary of Public Security Gilberto Loya Chávez; Curator for Innovation and Economic Development, María Angelica Granados Trespalasios; The Minister of Tourism, Edebra Gómez Gallegos, as well as the Minister of Culture, Alejandra Enriquez Gutierrez.

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Also in attendance were the Director of the Chihuahuan Women’s Institute, Neira Regalado Gutierrez, as well as officials from the state government and the UK Embassy in Mexico.

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