A British country announces alarming numbers of Covid-19 injuries | rest of the world

London – New figures from British authorities estimate that one in 25 people in homes in England contracted COVID-19 in the week before Christmas, at a time when the rapidly spreading omicron variant is spreading across the country.

The Office for National Statistics noted that the number is alarming compared to the previous week, when the estimate was one in 45 people.

One in 25 people equates to nearly two million people infected with coronavirus in England, the highest number since the statistics body began estimating levels of Covid-19 infection in May 2020.

The number is higher in London, the British capital, where, according to authorities, around one in 15 people are likely to test positive for COVID-19 during the week of December 23.

British authorities have warned revelers in Scotland and Wales to think twice before traveling to England for New Year’s celebrations, highlighting the marked difference in the four parts of the UK’s approaches to the restrictions. Infections are rising in hospitals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resisted tightening restrictions in England despite the rapid spread of the omicron variant, instead focusing on frequent self-tests and expanding the vaccination program to control the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which separately set their own public health standards, imposed new restrictions this week that forced nightclubs to close social gatherings and limit gatherings. Pubs and bars are back for table service only. In Edinburgh, where one of Europe’s biggest New Year celebrations are being held, authorities have urged people to stay indoors.

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While there is no official travel ban preventing Scottish revelers from heading to England.

Scottish Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney has warned that travel would be the “wrong course of action”.

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