9 potential companies that could buy WWE

the The return of Vince McMahon To WWE was real madnessBecause at first it was reported that his return would be present in the TV rights negotiations.

Vinnie Palos Cates has resumed his place on the WWE Board of Directors, but that does not mean that he will make creative decisions with fighters. This job is still Triple H.

Although this does not mean that Vince McMahon wanted to take back all the power and make creative decisions, but They convinced him his business should be just long pantshow can you pass away.

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Well, negotiations for TV rights will take place in 2023, however Vince McMahon didn’t really come back to be at the conventions.

He came back because it was said and rumored to be so WWE will listen to offers of a potential sale company. the reason? It is not known, but there are already quite a few companies interested.

The millionaire who paid WWE owner Vince McMahon 4 women vs "Confidentiality agreements"
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9 companies that could buy WWE

Alex Sherman CNBC mentioned that WWE hired JP Morgan to advise Vince McMahon and the company With one about a potential sale.

And from recent news of a potential sale, some companies have already shown interest and here we tell you what it is:

Comcast, one of the most interested

It is the parent company of NBC Universal and is a favorite because it has such a close relationship with WWE. You already own the TV rights to Raw and all WWE Network contentSo, it can make everything easier.

In addition, the rights expire with the company moving WWE to the UK soon and Comcast may take the opportunity to bring the company back to Skyowned by the brand you are interested in purchasing.

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It sounds like a joke, because Disney wants to buy everything, but it really isn’t. Basically, it could be a smart move because WWE content can very well be located on platforms such as Hulu or ESPN+.

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Discovery Warner Brothers

Here a real battle can arise, because Tony Khan and AEW want to bring their product with this company. Rumors still persist, it’s a lurking possibility.

Uncle Netflix with WWE

It hasn’t fully gone into broadcasting live sporting events, which can be a huge problem. in his favour, Hits like “Drive to Survive” and sports content to try.


Unlike Uncle Netflix, Amazon really messes with live sports. We’ve already been with the Thursday night football gameSo it wouldn’t be a crazy idea.

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This company has already acquired the UFC in 2021, and its hunger to own big sports companies like WWE has not faltered. In addition, there is a possibility that Vince McMahon made the same deal as Dana WhiteYes, I will sell you everything, but keep my position to run the company.


There is a good relationship with this company, more due to Nik Khan who worked there. Although there is nothing clear about the outlook for the company.

Liberty Media

Its assets include Siriux XM and Formula 1With that said, we already tell you how seriously this company operates and is included in our favorite WWE buys.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund is interested in WWE

They are already paying WWE good money, in fact, the Sheiks and Vince McMahon have a very good relationship. This is it They are not short of money and can pull off the cool wallet.

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