70% of business travelers want more multimodal travel options

The last study I published Enterprise car rental1 It shows that 7 out of 10 (67%) of those interviewed use a car for work in Spain and that they would like their company to facilitate, favor and encourage the use of a car An alternative means of transportation to the car To make these trips, which will lead to a positive change in the companies’ mobility policy.

Moving from private car travel to multimodal travel It consists of the use of two or more types of transportation other than a private carIt can contribute significantly to reducing traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reducing for companies the costs, insurance and risks associated with the movement of employees with their own car. Although the majority of respondents (77%) are willing to change their trips to multimodal trips, only 12% confirmed that their companies encourage these trips as an alternative to using a private car, and nearly 40% confirmed that their companies do not encourage comprehensive trips to attend activities related to their work (meetings). visits, attending conferences, etc.).

Participants in the organization’s study They take nearly twice as many all-inclusive trips for leisure reasons (41%), compared to 23% who only used shared transportation to work nationally, suggesting there is an opportunity for companies to embrace more multimodal options to help meet their employees’ mobility needs.

Generation Z wants more sustainable vacations

For younger workers, Generation Z, Package trips are priority. These young people are more environmentally conscious, which should be an indicator for companies to update their travel strategies to respond to the new requirements of their workers. The study confirms that more than 95% of these young people made a trip of this kind during the past 12 months, compared to only 61% of the baby boom generation (those born before 1965). The top three reasons given by Gen Z youth for multimodal travel are: cost (34%), respect for the environment and safety (24% in both cases), while other participants belonging to older generations put their priority on speed (38%) and adaptability. With your company’s travel policy (27%) and cost (22%).

“As business travel increases and travel habits evolve, companies must listen to their employees.”

Using mobility solutions such as CarShare from Enterprise Holdings is one of the options we can find within the multimodal travel offer. This corporate car sharing service allows companies and their employees to book company rides or trips using a range of low- or no-emission vehicles through a web service or mobile app.

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In Spain, Enterprise is working hard to bring its mobility solutions everywhere As part of its plan to increase vermicelli in the country. Currently, it has 163 offices and the largest presence in train stations throughout Spain, facilitating shared journeys throughout the country. The aim is, through future investments, to bring 90% of the peninsula’s population to less than 30 kilometers from one of its offices within the next five years.

Gerardo Gomez, Business Leasing Manager in Spain at Enterprise, said: “As business travel increases and travel habits evolve, companies must listen to their employees. Young people entering the workforce today are potential great leaders Which is part of shaping the future, so it is important that companies support their needs“.

Gomez adds:The private car still plays a role in corporate travel, but there is an opportunity to increase combined trips, since today, in Spain, almost eight out of ten business trips are made by private car. Creating more spaces in companies where workers can take a car when and where they need it, while using other modes of transportation as part of the same trip, is possible. It can reduce costs, risks and environmental impact, and improve employee retention by offering more flexible, accessible and affordable mobility options.“.

We prioritize being close to our customers in Spain and our commitment to multimodality in mobility. We have integrated our network of offices and vehicles into the broader private and public transportation ecosystemWith the aim of being part of mobility solutions that meet the needs of today’s and future business travelers.Gomez adds.

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Intermodal trips are increasingly in demand by employees It should encourage companies to incorporate it into their travel policies.

1 This survey, commissioned by Opinium, analyzed the travel habits of 1,000 Spanish workers who travel to work in their country to visit customers or suppliers or attend events by car and represents around 11.5 million employees worldwide. This study is part of a larger study of 4,000 workers who travel by car for work reasons in Germany, France, Spain and the UK, and aimed to understand changes in trends in business travel by car and the challenges and opportunities this presents for businesses.

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