5 Stardew Valley games for Android phones

We bring you 5 games that are very similar to Stardew Valley that you can play from your Android mobile device, and they are a lot of fun!

These titles perfectly emulate the essence of Stardew Valley, keeping the differences of course.

Stardew Valley has achieved what many thought was impossible: becoming one of the best farm simulation video games of all time. It was initially released on PC, Its success allowed developers to bring the game to other platformswhich includes Android and iOS.

If to this day you still enjoy this beautiful video game on your mobile device, but want to try other titles in the same style, the Play Store and App Store have a large number of Similar video games you can download for free.

So that you do not waste your time trying similar games, some of which are not worth it, here we decided to compile them Top 5 Stardew Valley games for Android (It's also available on iPhone.)

These are the top 5 Stardew Valley games for Android mobile phones

Taking into consideration Game mechanics covered in Stardew ValleyIn addition to the main theme that continues to make millions of people fall in love, we have been able to find 5 similar titles that should not be missed.

Cemetery keeper

Cover a darker and even gloomy topicSo to speak, Graveyard Keeper can be called like Stardew Valley's terrifying little brother.

With very similar gameplay, as it has the same game mechanics, here the protagonist is a strange haunted skull who has entrusted you with the task of managing the terrain, which You must fill the graves and help the townspeople Complete different types of tasks.

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Google Play Store | Cemetery keeper

Harvest City

considered as Stardew Valley cloneDue to its graphics and gameplay mechanics, this video game for Android and iOS is an alternative release that you should not miss. Here you will travel back in time to pick up the work your parents left behind along the way.

Basically, You must rebuild your family and make the most of your free time in the countryside.. You can grow food, explore mines, fish, and make new friends to help you complete quests.

Google Play Store | Harvest City

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Quiet, pleasant and above all relaxing, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the game that Stardew Valley fans usually choose. Instead of managing a farm, you'll have to customize a camp, create a community, grow flowers, and complete various tasks.

The interesting thing about this game is that It does not force you to achieve goals quicklysince it does not impose any kind of time limits, that is, tasks can be completed slowly (this allows you to enjoy the game in a better way).

If you love animals and want something different, but similar to Stardew Valley, this is it without a doubt One of the best alternatives you can find On Android and iOS.

Google Play Store | Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Outcast Island

This title puts you in the shoes of a man who had to shipwreck to an island in order to survive. As time goes by, you will have to help him Grow food, build tools, and build spaces To make life more enjoyable.

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In addition, You will have to interact with the rest of the island's inhabitantsBecause they are the ones who will provide you with different types of items that will help you build your new city. Although it looks like Stardew Valley, the theme of the game in question is completely different (as is the gameplay).

Google Play Store | Outcast Island

Two crowns of the kingdom

Inspired by medieval Japanese cultureKingdom Two Crowns is a strategy game where you will have to complete different tasks: populate feudal Japan, get ninja support, build castles and obtain minerals.

The most notable thing about this game is the possibility of playing with another person. Co-op mode will give you the possibility to explore areas in a more efficient way. The game mechanics are very similar to those in Stardew Valley.

Google Play Store | Two crowns of the kingdom

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