4 easy tricks to make your Android phone run faster

‌Like most modern tech devices, Android phones slow down after a few months of consistent use. This is due to the fragility of modern parts that are used to keep phones so small. However, one of the best things about Android devices is the level of customisation available, so you can do many tricks to increase its speed.

Restart or reset the device

‌One of the easiest things you can do to increase your Android phone’s speed is to restart your device. This closes any background processes that may be running, so when you start the phone again, it has more resources for the apps you need. To restart your phone, all you have to do is hold down the power button. You’ll be given a list of options, so tap the restart button. This will power down your phone completely, then boot it back up again so you can continue using it.

Ensure the device is updated

‌Another easy thing you can do to increase performance is to ensure that your phone is fully updated. Many people skip updates on their phones as they don’t want to be interrupted, which often leads to phones never being updated. If your phone isn’t running the latest version of its software, it will not run efficiently and may have errors slowing it down. To ensure that your phone is up to date, go to Settings, and scroll down to Software Update. Select the option to “Download and install,” as this will make the phone check for updates and automatically install them. During the process, the phone will often restart multiple times, but once it has fully powered on, you’ll find it runs much quicker.

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Keep your home screen clean

‌Something that slows down a phone, particularly when booting up, is having a cluttered home screen. If dozens of apps require loading every time you open your home screen, it’s only natural that the phone will be slower when performing tasks. However, keeping a neat and tidy home screen will make the phone much quicker when loading. The best thing to do is keep apps you regularly use on your home screen and remove others to avoid getting too cluttered.

Use lite versions of apps

‌If you really want to improve your phone’s performance, you can remove the bulky apps that you currently have installed and use the lite versions instead. These lite versions of popular apps take up less space in your phone’s memory storage and require fewer resources to operate. This means that you can have multiple apps open at the same time without it impacting the overall performance of your phone. However, this is only available for some apps, so research before uninstalling the apps on your phone.


These are just some of the helpful tips and tricks you can use to increase the performance of your Android device. Following these tricks means you can play games, text your friends or read the latest slot machine news without your device glitching, flickering or running slow. Other tips that could also help you make your Android phone faster are clearing the phone’s cached app data and freeing its internal memory.

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