3 trainees win titles at El Hongo

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El Hongo, British Columbia

As part of the university’s social responsibility and fulfilling its objective function of providing quality higher education, the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) has been offering since 2007 a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences at the Centro de Reinercin Social (Cereso) El Hongo I and past days have witnessed protest ceremonies for three of Second generation graduates.

In a statement, the Council indicated the importance of implementing social responsibility measures aimed at enhancing the well-being of citizens and promoting the economic and social development of the state. Among these measures, one of the most important relates to expanding access to higher education, which is of good quality and offers real possibilities for improvement for socially marginalized or disadvantaged groups.

The work that this House of Studies did in the state of Sirius was a unique experience across the country, because in addition to teaching university classes, it also offered various cultural workshops and support programs for the elderly. This was made possible by the joint work carried out by UABC and the State Commission for the Baja California Prison System (Sissisby).

Effort and effort
The Vice President of UABC Campus Mexicali, Dr Gisela Monteiro Albríz, was responsible for taking the protest of the recent alumni: Clemente Breeze Corrales, the mourning of Alfonso Rose Daz, and Christian Ponce Medrano. He also congratulated them for their efforts and efforts in studying under the circumstances in which they studied.

Today we are witnessing the results of this UABC project that integrates in its educational offer the opening of the Certificate in Educational Sciences, depending on the academic and administrative structure of the Faculty of Humanities on the Mexicali campus, to create opportunities and support the community’s reintegration into the state, said Dr. Monteiro Albriz.

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On his part, Juan Enrique Mendes Meza, Director of the Social Reintegration Center at El Hongo 1, thanked ABC University for its cooperation with UABC for more than 10 years to provide university degree and other educational offerings in prisons. Baja California stressed the importance of education as a guiding axis for social reintegration.

The graduation ceremony was also attended by Dr. Luis Enrique Palafox Maestre, General Coordinator for Student Services and School Administration at UABC. Heidi Anhill Ziga Amaya, Deputy Director of the College of Humanities, Dr. Luis Chiang Rodriguez, Deputy Director General for Regulations, and Elizabeth Villalaz Gonzalez, Director of Social Reintegration and Post-Crime Services.

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