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After an investment of more than 15 million pesos, the University of Medical Sciences of Holguin has reopened its student residence building in La Plaqueta, the conditions of whose construction will allow comfort and better study time for a portion of first-year students in bachelor’s programs. Medicine and dentistry.

The investment in the building for the scholarship recipients amounted to about 15 million pesos. Photo: Liane Fonseca

Reopened in the context of the 101st anniversary of the University Students’ Union, the work features an internal structure that favors privacy for scholarship recipients.

The building for women has convenient closets, new bathrooms, and a study on each of its four floors used as bedrooms, all of which are of conspicuous comfort.

The bedrooms have suitable conditions for studying. Photo: Liane Fonseca

After a long period of neglect and seven months of reconstruction work, the building will host 144 students in the first half of January.

At the opening ceremony, where the Dean of the House of Graduate Studies, Dr. Galina Galceran Chacón, was present, it was mentioned that this investment is also part of the efforts of the University of Holguin Health System in saluting the 65th anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution.

The reconstructed building has comfortable furniture. Photo: Liane Fonseca

Tower 1-1, as the facility is called, belongs to one of the country’s largest university residences, which was once visited by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

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