25 free apps you should never lose sight of (Volume 30)

Hello friends! Sometimes, the Play Store seems like a very saturated and content-filled place. This is why there are sections like this one, where we dedicate ourselves to digging through the best of Android to bring you some of the most interesting and recommended apps in its catalog.

As always, all apps have over 1 million downloads and over 4 star ratings from the community. This time we bring a Telegram client, a fairly complete music player, all-in-one toolkit, and much more. Let’s go there!


Locker widget: A widget that displays photos of your close friends in real time on your home screen. You can send the photos to your friends and they can send them to you so that you can see them next time you unlock your phone. Supports a maximum of 20 friends. | Download from Google Play

chart messenger: A messaging application based on Telegram, but with some additional features, such as the possibility of multiple accounts (maximum of 100), download manager, schedule, voice changer for voice recording and more. | Download from Google Play

Muzio: The most downloaded and highest rated music player on Android. It features a modern and elegant design, 10 audio presets, 5 bands, bass boost, MP3 cutter, and other advanced options. | Download from Google Play

Learn Ethical Hacking: HackerX: Cyber ​​Security app for beginners with which you can learn the basics of ethical hacking. Of course, it must be borne in mind that the contents are in English. | Download from Google Play

nglAnonymous questions and answers application. Share the NGL link to your Instagram Story, where others can send you questions anonymously. | Download from Google Play

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Life360: Family Locator allows you to know the exact location of a person in real time. Very useful as an emergency tool to know the whereabouts of the elderly or children. | Download from Google Play

Smart tools: Toolkit with more than 40 utilities such as odometer, brightness meter, thermometer, chronograph, sound decibel level, and more. | Download from Google Play

Nike Training Club: Fitness sessions in video format with trainings of different intensity: yoga, sit-ups, general fitness, strength training, cardio and interval training, etc. | Download from Google Play

Microsoft Bing: If you want to escape the Google search engine, take a look at Microsoft’s alternative. Bing has gotten a lot better in recent years, and it also allows you to collect Microsoft Rewards points that you can then redeem for gift cards and other rewards. | Download from Google Play

Nafer Babajo: An AI translator capable of translating texts, voice, images, and conversations in real time. Supports 13 languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German and Italian. | Download from Google Play

How to draw anime step by step: As its name suggests, it is a free app to learn all the basic concepts of learning how to draw in the technique and style of Japanese anime. | Download from Google Play

Mega: Cloud storage platform with end-to-end encryption. It allows you to share files easily and securely, with a capacity of 20 GB for free accounts. | Download from Google Play

Swipe: A social app to make new friends on Snapchat. You can swipe right to leave a like or open a chat room to send messages and chat with other like-minded people. | Download from Google Play

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Click on SMSAn alternative to the SMS messaging app that comes by default on Android. It has advanced functions such as a search engine, private messages, or the ability to create templates. | Download from Google Play

My control centerPhone customization tool with designs inspired by Xiaomi (MIUI) and iPhone (iOS). It allows you to modify colors, icons, notifications, and many other aspects. | Download from Google Play


4 = 10: An interesting number puzzle game where we have to use four numbers to get a result equal to 10. | Download from Google Play

cheater: a combat arcade game where we put ourselves in the shoes of the leader of a cult group. Summon brutal gods and manage your cult’s resources in the smartest way so you don’t die trying. | Download from Google Play

Dislate: Winner of the Best Multiplayer Game on Google Play in 2022. An RPG with stunning graphics that mixes legendary characters in an urban and modern setting. | Download from Google Play

Cat Bird: Adventure and platform game with the lovable cat bird as the main character. It has great graphics in retro style, great music and more than 40 available levels.

Effect: a game of tactics and strategy based on mechanics like Risk, but with abstract maps based on randomly generated cells. | Download from Google Play

Angry Birds Journey: A new game from the popular Angry Birds franchise, published in 2021. The mechanics are the same as always: slingshot, birds to throw, and towers to shoot down. In short, a good physics puzzle that is simple, casual and very entertaining. | Download from Google Play

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Sunrise: 2D action game with pixel art aesthetics and RPG elements. If you like the file Metroidvania And longer life skill trees check out Darkrise. | Download from Google Play

Thomas: The puzzle is based on the merging of atoms to form new, more complex atoms. Two hydrogen atoms combine to make one helium, two helium atoms combine to make one lithium, and so on. | Download from Google Play

Beach Buggy Racing: One of the best racing games available on Android, with style and gameplay very similar to Nintendo’s Mario Kart. | Download from Google Play

Botworld Adventure: An open world RPG with high doses of exploration and collection, with strategic battles where we have to use the abilities of our bots to carry out the most powerful attacks possible. | Download from Google Play

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