1190 Sports Signs Distribution Agreement with FOX Deportes and Peru’s League 1 Now Available in the US – Business Empresarial

Business.- 1190 SportsA global company specializing in Management and marketing to Sports rightsToday, the signing of a new agreement was announced International distribution to League 1 in Peru.

that it Alliance with FOX Deportesthe first and longest-running Spanish-language sports network in the United States, The main destination for the Spanish audience, Which has the most prominent sporting characteristics, among which now, thanks to this agreement, there will be The main football tournament in Peru.

Starting in May, FOX Deportes subscribers in the US will have access Live and in Spanish At least more than Fifty of the matches are among those included in the Apertura and Clausura tournaments Subordinate 2024 and 2025 seasons Subordinate League 1 in Peru.

Fans will also be able to enjoy Special content Who are they thinking about? Highlightsthe Goals, interviews, players And up high Curiosity of tournaments, Clubs And the Stadiumsamong other things.

We are very excited to welcome Peru’s Premier League to FOX Deportessaid Carlos Sanchez, General Manager and Executive Vice President of FOX Deportes. “The Peruvian Premier League fits perfectly with FOX Deportes’ programming, which every week showcases the best soccer in the Americas.”

For their part, from 1190 sports they expressed “We’re thrilled that fans of Peruvian League 1 can enjoy soccer in the United States, now through FOX Deportes. This undoubtedly represents a milestone for local soccer, which says it has a presence in North America and is beginning to see the fruits of an expansion plan that expands the boundaries of Peru’s premier soccer competition. This is one of 1190Sports’ great goals for the benefit of the sport and the clubs, players and brands that support it.“.

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According to the Pew Research Center in the United States, 710,000 Hispanics of Peruvian descent lived in the United States as of 2021, and estimates indicate that the number has been increasing since then, which confirms that it is an important window of exposure.

Among 1190 Sports’ credentials is that it has managed, in less than three years, to expand the international exposure of the Brasileirão, the main tournament in Brazil, to more than 150 countries around the world, where a potential audience of more than 650 mm has been able to enjoy more than 2,400 meetings. Live and up to 13 languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin and more.

Meanwhile, in Peru, since 2023, he has been responsible for managing the broadcasting rights of the Peruvian Premier League inside and outside the country, and managing the sponsorship allocated to Peruvian football teams for which already in the first year he managed to increase the number of main sponsors from 3 to 5 companies from different industries. , which expresses its genuine interest in supporting sports and desires to develop innovative businesses and support the values ​​and spirit of sportsmanship.

As for the Peruvian territory, matches can be enjoyed on L1 Max, through cable operators Claro, DirecTV, Best Cable and others, and through L1 Play, the new home of Peruvian football. Consume 100% legal football by recruiting https://www.l1max.com/ And https://liga1play.com/.

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