A fierce cross between Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas that broke the friendship

Nick Kyrgios s Stefanos Tsitsipas The compliments were dropped a few days ago when they faced each other at the Halle Championships. They posted pictures together and talked about friendship. However, his match at Wimbledon changed everything.. Both criticized each other harshly at a press conference and their relationship exploded.

While Rafael Nadal spoke at a press conference about Tennis icons.Those that are respected in court without needing to be printed in a rule book, Kyrgios and Tsitsipas finished the most important match of the tournament and perhaps of the year.

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Both starred in a meeting filled with shouting, disrespect and accusations, which could have ended in apparent aggression. To understand the scale of what happened on the track, only one example suffices: the photographer of the BBC, the network that broadcasts the match in the UK, He decided to skip the handshake on the net, once the match was over, for fear of what might happen.

Nick Kyrgios won a surreal match against Stefanos Tsitsipas (Photo: AFP).

It was the previous two hours and seven minutes A sample of the circus that Kyrgios could ride on a tennis court. A show he enjoys and feels comfortable in. A way to play and understand his sport heated Tsitsipas to unexpected points.

“He’s a bully. That’s what he does. He offends his opponents. He must have been a bully at school.Tsitsipas said, very angry in his interview with reporters.

The Greek player was blown away by what happened in the match, when the Australian asked to change the line referees, due to errors in calling the hits. from that way He managed to destabilize Tsitsipas, who threw a ball into the stands He was about to hit a fan’s face.

This raised the matter with Kyrgios, who asked the judge to expel him. “It should be a disqualification.” “If not, what else can you do?”shouted from Canberra, remembering what happened with Djokovic at the US Open.

Stefanos Tsitsipas threw a ball at the crowd (Photo: Associated Press).

to try to calm it down, Tsitsipas’ solution was to try to hit his opponent with balls. Try three times to hit the ball on him. “I failed so much. I wanted it all to stop. Someone should sit down and talk to them,” said the No. 3 world champion.

“I don’t know how I could have abused him. It was him who threw the balls at me, who hit a fan in the stands, who took the balls off the field. I didn’t do anything other than talk to the referee. I didn’t,” Kyrgios, who went further, replied Anything disrespectful to Stefanos.

“I’d be angry too if I lost to someone two weeks in a row”, added Kyrgios, who is leading 4-1 with the Greek. “Maybe I should learn how to hit myself a few times first.”

But the outrage wasn’t just on the tennis court. “I love myself in the locker room. I have many friends, and I am one of the most loved. He didn’t. Let’s leave her there,” Kyrgios said.

Kyrgios and Tsitsipas received a powerful cross and said it all after the Wimbledon match

Controversies are not alien to any tennis player. Kyrgios was dismissed, fined and kept out of the courts for several weeks, even forced to go to a psychiatrist. Tsitsipas, for his part, ignores the legality of the ruleslengthens his bathroom breaks, interrupts the match with him and abuses “training” with his father.

Both move well on this earth, but while Kyrgios knew how to handle himself on Saturday, Tsitsipas lost his temper. And the game.

“It’s so sweet to come here and say I screwed up. We don’t have the same thin skin. I compete against the best. If you affected him today, it was because he was one step behind. Because the person who annoys you will end your game. Kyrgios concluded his speech by saying, “He is nice.”

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