0-0. Boray and Sousa rank Barcelona who will face U de Deportes

Guayaquil (Ecuador), February 15 (EFE). Argentinian goalkeeper Javier Poray and Brazilian midfielder Leonai Sousa scored a penalty shootout on Tuesday to qualify Ecuadorian Barcelona for the second preliminary stage of the Copa Libertadores, where it will be watched with the Athletic League. Peru.

Barcelona drew 0-0 in normal time with Uruguay Montevideo City Torque, so the match, which was held in Guayaquil, was decided by a penalty shootout.

In the first leg, in Uruguay, a 1-1 draw was also signed, so today’s equality gave way to the definition from 12 steps, the round in which eight shots were charged to each team.

Everyone scored, but Boray saved the penalty kick by Santiago Cartagena and Sousa scored the eighth goal for Barcelona, ​​who won 8-7 and thus reached the second deciding stage.

Montevideo City Torque has shown greatness in resisting Barcelona’s dominance and could even win if it weren’t for goalkeeper Burrai, who saved shots on target.

The first half showed Barcelona’s dominance and control of football, while the visitors did their best to defend the equaliser, so they came out free from constant local attacks.

However, the first approach to the goal was created by Montevideo City Torque, with a precise pass from Cevallos to Guerrero, who looked for the shot on goal, but Byron Castillo predicted it, in the 3rd minute.

Ecuadorean Michael Carslin joined Argentine Emmanuel Martinez on the right, but his shot went to the side of the goal in the 17th minute.

Castillo again ditched the attack, enabling Martinez and the latter to finish a half-turn to the side of the goal, Maestriani and later give another header, but the ball arrived poorly in the hands of goalkeeper Francisco Tinaglini.

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Montevideo City Torque organized a good attack, taking advantage of a local defensive turmoil, recently entered player Natanael Guzmán finished and Argentine goalkeeper Javier Burray narrowly received the ball.

Adonis Preciado missed Barcelona’s best chance in the second half, receiving a late pass unmarked, but he shot to the side.

Nathanael Guzman had a great opportunity to defeat Barcelona’s goal, but goalkeeper Boray once again won the duel against the Uruguayan strikers.

data sheet:

Barcelona: Javier Poray. Byron Castillo, Dario Aymar, Luca Sosa, Lionel Quines (AD 81, Jonathan Perlaza); Leonai Souza, Michael Carslin (AD 81, Bruno Benataris), Emmanuel Martinez, Christian Pinilla (AD 59, Adonis Preciado), Gabriel Cortez (AD 59, Eric Castillo) and Gonzalo Mastroianni (AD 68, Carlos Garces).

Technician: Fabian Bustos.

Montevideo torque: Francisco Tinaglini; Agustin Peña, Renzo Orihuela, Diego Arismendi, Jose Alvarez (AD 46, Lucas Morales); Nicholas Melese (AD 87, Gabriel Chocobar), Dario Pereira (AD 77, Santiago Cartagena), Marcelo Allende, Juan Sejas; Joaquin Cefalos (M59, Nicolas Seri) and Sebastian Guerrero (M59, Nataniel Guzman).

Artistic: Roman neck.

Referee: Brazilian Anderson Daronco, assisted by compatriots Marcelo van Gas and Nusa Back, blamed Martinez, Pena, Allende, Orihuela and Bantares.

Accidents: The second leg of the first preliminary round of the Copa Libertadores was held at the Monumental Isidro Romero or “Banco Pichincha” stadium owned by Barcelona.

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