Yucatan governor approves funding with UK at COP26

in the frame COP26, the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Villa dosal, and agreed with the government of United kingdom Continue and expand cooperation through financing Projects that help reduce the effects of climate change.

Mauricio Villa Dosal met Jenny McClanes, Director of Finance and Climate Change at UK Partnership for Accelerated Climate Change (UK PACT), Funded by the British Government to support countries and territories, in implementing measures that allow Reduce your carbon emissions, with whom he discussed plans and opportunities for future cooperation.

He also met with Martha Delgado Peralta, Under Secretary Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), to talk about a post Yucatan In fulfillment of Mexico’s commitments with a high-level team for a sustainable ocean economy, an initiative of 14 heads of state, committed to developing, motivating and supporting solutions for health and ocean wealth in politics, governance, technology and finance.

During the meeting with the federal official, Vila Dosal shared the progress made in citizen participation in the management and care of the Yucatan coastal region. As a result, the Governor and Delgado Peralta agreed to continue through General Secretariat for Multilateral Affairs, To promote the integrated coastal zone management initiative as first steps for a leading country in this field.

The Yucatecan Governor participated in the commission UK PACT: The UK’s leading capacity building program that is transforming global climate transitions through action partnershipsVilla Dosal highlighted that, in the entity, important projects are being carried out with the UK PACT, in terms of Regulations, mobility, energy efficiency and decarbonization of development, reflecting the confidence of this program for the United Kingdom, placed in the territory, to meet international obligations.

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Mauricio Villa Dosal explained that the Yucatan is threatened by the effects of climate change, due to its geographical location, karst soil and groundwater conditions, With the presence of caves, caves and rocky rocks.

Proof of this, in 2020, tropical storms “Amanda” and “Zita” and hurricanes “Gamma” and “Delta” occurred, which seriously affected the region.

The effect of this situation was that it rained 71% more rain on average annually, due to a record number, “this caused a level of water level It rose five meters above sea level and, with it, severe floods throughout the Yucatan. The governor of Yucatecan state explained that about 85% of the field was lost and thousands of homes were damaged as a result of this situation.

Villa Dosal emphasized that implementing measures to reduce these disasters has become his priority, which is why, through dialogue and multilateral alliances, the state government, together with the Yucatecan families, has undertaken the task of promoting the development of strategies together with major allies, such as UK PACT, Who thanked him for supporting the entity and accompanying it on its path towards becoming more sustainable every day.


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