Your new decision is a shame

WhatsApp has just taken one of the most embarrassing moves known since its launch. After existence The most famous announcement of account termination They have not updated Privacy policy The company leaves everything as it was. Of course, it is not without going into your pocket first accepting hundreds of millions of users around the world. At, we followed all moves The WhatsApp Today we have to talk about a new chapter in this never-ending story.

Now WhatsApp says nothing happens if you don’t accept the new policy

For months, WhatsApp has been announcing to users a new privacy policy that is considered offensive and mandatory for almost all users in the world. If you, as a user, decide not to accept WhatsApp, little by little, It will limit the functionality of your account To make it useless. The limit for accepting this new policy is set on the day May 15.

All users who wanted to continue using The WhatsApp They accepted the policy so that their jobs would not be affected. Now WhatsApp is retracting and telling on its website that it is not necessary to do so. If you do not accept their new policy, you will be able to continue using all functions, and you will simply receive, from time to time, a notice of their acceptance, which you can decline.

The shameful thing about all of this is that WhatsApp updated its website after the deadline That was announced months ago. They put fear in users’ bodies to accept their privacy policy and now, that most of them have agreed, they tell us it’s not completely necessary.

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Why is this move? Many governments in different parts of the world are dissatisfied with the new WhatsApp policy And they put restrictions in place if the company went ahead with the plan.

WhatsApp now says it’s not mandatory and is getting rid of all these governments. But the fact is that a large part of the users You have already accepted this policy Since more than 20 days due to fear caused by the platform itself.

For now, the story is still waiting to be seen What is WhatsApp traffic In the next few months. If you have accepted the Privacy Policy, you can no longer do anything to correct it. If you don’t update you can rest assured: your account won’t die.

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