You’d be surprised, that’s why Capcom skips Xbox versions like the last one, Marvel vs. Capcom Combat Collection

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Today we learned about a new game from Capcom that will arrive on all current platforms except Xbox. The game itself is Marvel vs. Capcom Combat Collection. When the official announcement was made, many Xbox players looked stupid when they saw that it was not released on Xbox Series.

Looking back, it’s possible that Capcom decided not to release a game on Microsoft’s console for sales reasons, but reality is stranger than fiction. As confirmed by Capcom Windows CentralIt’s a problem with the MT Framework and their way of porting the game to Xbox.

This is why some Capcom games are not released on Xbox

We’ve seen a suggestion from Jawmuncher on Twitter (X) that Capcom’s MT Framework engine is to blame for recent games not being released on Xbox. Our sources indicate that this is true. Currently, Capcom has no process for porting older MT Framework titles to the modern Xbox ERA system, which makes shipping the same titles more expensive than porting them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC. Maybe Microsoft can step in to help here?

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