“You watch the first half hour and say what’s going on here?”

Manchester (UK), April 13 (EFE) Manchester UnitedAre you “satisfied” with the draw (2-2) because “you see the first half hour and you say what’s going on here?”.

“From that moment on, we started to play some football, but we were already 2-0. In the second half we didn’t get rid of the game, although they had some chances but we advanced,” Mandelbar summed up.

The Basque coach pointed out, “Jesus (Navas) made the score 2-1 after a mistake by them by letting the ball pass, then there was a shot from Al-Nusairi that was saved by the goalkeeper, and finally the score was 2-2. With one question less than time and there were options to win the match “.

The Biscayan coach praised the opponent, who “came out very quickly” against the Sevilla team, which was “out of place, leaving gaps between the lines,” and “the problem was solved and from there the team improved,” he said. .

Mandelbar justified the rotation because Sevilla “are in two leagues. The other game is coming in three days” at Valencia and introduced changes with “the idea that everyone inside the group feels. Marcao hasn’t competed for five months and he’s put up with the whole match”, while “Nyanzo has been training.” Well “.

“We didn’t play with ‘9’, we thought Lamela could do things well, although it cost him. If he had achieved another result, he would have received some criticism but he has accompanied us. The changes have helped us and Jose Luis Mendelbar stressed that they have become Nervous with 2-1. Sevilla is a big club like Manchester.”

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