You can use one account on up to four devices, that’s how it works

distance Literally Years of rumors and leaksAnd the WhatsApp multi-device support is finally here. distance Pre-confirmationWhatsApp delivers on its promise and opens the public beta to test multi-device support in Mexico and the world.

WhatsApp users in Mexico who want to test multi-device support for WhatsApp in advance must sign up for the beta version of WhatsApp Help Center. However, it is important to note that
The public trial will be limited to a small group chosen at randomTherefore, although registration is an important step to enter the test, it does not guarantee user participation.

How does multi-device support work for WhatsApp

Besides announcing the public beta, WhatsApp too أيض explain How does your multi-device support work? WhatsApp confirms that the same account can be used on up to four devicesHowever, it was also emphasized that these must be non-phone. he is called, As said beforeWhatsApp will continue to be supported only on one phone as well as other devices, for example a computer on which the web version or the app can be used.

So, even if the battery of the smartphone, the main device on which WhatsApp is used, for example, runs out of battery, the same account can be accessed from other linked devices. In this aspect, WhatsApp states that each complementary device will connect independently and at the same time End-to-end message encryption will be maintained to ensure account privacy.

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According to WhatsApp, the entire architecture of messaging had to be “rethinked”, from turning the smartphone as the main device “reflected” in complementary devices, to ensuring that each device maintains its own level and, most of all, a secure connection.

Whatsap how multi-device support works

This is how WhatsApp works today

To achieve this, WhatsApp ensures that it has developed new technologies that allow to maintain end-to-end encryption and at the same time achieve synchronization of messages, contacts, premium messages and other aspects of the messenger, to achieve a consistent WhatsApp experience, regardless of the device used.

Whatsapp multi-device support

This is how WhatsApp will work with the new multi-device support

In this way, full synchronization of the message history is achieved, even if WhatsApp is used from different devices, because it is the same messaging account.

The chat history is encrypted and delivered through an end-to-end encrypted message to the new associated device, which is responsible for downloading, decrypting and unpacking the file to store messages locally on the new device. The company says that encrypted messages are not transmitted or stored on WhatsApp servers. Finally, syncing of other aspects of WhatsApp, such as new contacts or when a chat is muted or archived, will be continuous to keep the WhatsApp experience homogeneous from all linked devices.

The beta version of WhatsApp with multi-device support for iOS and Android devices has opened in Mexico.

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