You can create your own stickers just with description

The new WhatsApp feature will allow you to use generative AI to create your own stickers from text descriptions.

WhatsApp is about to add a new feature based on generative AI

A new feature is about to come to WhatsApp. And for the first time, it’s an advantage Powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence Like the ones that can be found behind tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard. However, the messaging app will focus on the use of generative AI in Create personalized stickers.

as it was known Thanks to WABetaInfoWhatsApp is preparing for a new arrival Label generation tool Based on generative artificial intelligence. As of today it is already being tested with some users of the application and little by little it should reach other people.

Custom stickers from text descriptions

As can be seen in the shared screenshots, a New option within the tab attachments by WhatsApp It will give the user the ability to Create your own stickers Using the power of generative AI. To do this, you will only have to Enter a descriptionand the in-app form will attempt to generate a label based on the user’s request.

Although not all the details about this function are known yet, it was possible to find out A proprietary template developed by Meta will be used to generate images, and the user will be able to see a series of example stickers along with their descriptions, which can help them when creating their own stickers.

Create stickers in WhatsApp

The function that will allow you to create stickers through AI in WhatsApp

This functionality is currently available to a very small number of WhatsApp Beta users in its Android version. Little by little, it needs to be widely disseminated until it lands on the mobile phones of all users.

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If you do not want to miss this feature or any of the other new features that are coming to WhatsApp soon, we advise you to download the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile phone and keep the application always updated.

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