You buy a MacBook and Amazon sends you dog food

She bought her daughter a gift: a new MacBook Pro, but Amazon sent her two boxes of dog food.

Alan got two boxes of dog food instead of a MacBook Pro.

a leg Order the MacBook Pro from Amazon It was a surprise for his daughter, which is not good at all. Instead of shipping your Apple device, Amazon sent you Two boxes of dog food. And that the man does not have a dog at home. The funny thing is that this This isn’t the first time this has happened.

The worst part is that when trying to contact Amazon, the popular store’s support service confirmed it There was nothing they could do for it. They couldn’t return the money because he had to send them a MacBook, a MacBook that never arrived.

You can imagine my face when I opened the package and saw dog food instead of a MacBook Pro that cost me over £1,000


Instead of a 1000+ euro MacBook, he got dog food

Dog food for 10 euros instead of a MacBook for more than 1,000

The story took place in England. Alan Wood, 61, from Derbyshire, died there £1,200 on a MacBook Pro for his daughter on Amazon, but instead Received two packages from lineage owners. Alan, who says he’s been an Amazon customer for two decades and has never had a problem with them before, was completely surprised.

However, he understood that it was just confusion. So he contacted Amazon Support to get his money back or send the MacBook Pro he bought. But his surprise was greater when They told him this wouldn’t be possible..

At first I was sure this mix-up could be resolved but after speaking to Amazon customer service they said they couldn’t help me unless I returned the laptop which I never received even when I sent the dog food to the warehouse nothing changed.

Of course, this is a complicated situation and Alan revealed that it was very stressfuland having to talk to multiple people without getting any kind of solution.

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However, A.J Amazon spokesperson They explain that they contacted Alan directly. it has been He apologized for the inconvenience and said Amazon will give you a full refund. We’ll see if Alan trusts the platform again.

You buy an iPhone for $1,500, and they send you apple-flavored yogurt

This kind of error You never know if it was intentional or not. The fact is that two boxes of dog food and a case of a MacBook with all the accessories can have the same weight, so someone can shift it. Although there is always a choice simple mistake in the warehouse or delivery. Or maybe someone ordered dog food, received a MacBook Pro, and said nothing.

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