You are one of those who could not enter the drones, this piques your interest

MAZATLAN: Starting on Monday, March 21, the Autonomous University of Sinaloa will open the digital platform to all students who in the admission process did not get a file in the profession or high school they wanted, so that they can now do so.

The system is ready to start at 8:00 am, so all young people who are looking forward to an educational program should be ready and not miss this important opportunity.

In the upper middle level there will be an extension of 7 thousand 986 cards, while another 10 thousand 56 cards will be presented to the upper level, in those schools where spaces have been exhausted in the first stage of this process.

The general medicine profession will expand an additional 500 records; in Nursing, 300 cards in each academic unit; In Dental 300, this is to mention some of the most in-demand jobs at UAS.

Group A: 1,763 new coins

Center for Research and Teaching in the Health Sciences (CIDOCS)

Medicine (Culacan and its extensions)

Dentistry, physical education and its extensions

Chemical Biological Sciences

Nutritional sciences and gastronomy (Culiacan)

Gastronomy and Nutrition (Mazatlan)

Nursing (Culiacan, Mochis, Mazatlan)

Group B: 2006 new chips

Architecture (Culiacan and Mazatlan)

Agronomy (Culacan and its extensions, Valle del Fuerte and its extensions)

Veterinary medicine and animal husbandry

sea ​​science

physical mathematics


Earth and space sciences

Engineering (Culiacan, Mochis, Mazatlan) Computer Science (Culiacan, Navulato, Mazatlan)

Group C: 6287 new chips

Psychology (Culiacan and its extensions, Mazatlan)

Cullican accounting and management and accessories

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Lo (Culiacan and its extensions, Mochis, Guasav, Mazatlan)

Criminology and forensics

Economic and social sciences Philosophy and literature

Communication Sciences

International Studies and Public Policy

Social work (Culiacan, Mochis, Mazatlan)

Educational sciences and their extensions

Anthropological Sciences


Center for Language Studies (Culiacan, Mochis, and Mazatlan)

The Academic Unit of Arts and Its Extensions

Fine Arts

Business Academy Unit

Administrative Economics (Guasav, Mazatlan and Guamuchil)

Social Sciences Mazatlan


Center for Postgraduate Studies in Rosario

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