Yimmi Chará and another great goal from Chile in the United States

Yimmi Chará was also part of the Colombian team.

Photo: TimbersFC

After his impressive Chilean goal last week, Colombian Yemi Chara scored another very similar goal this Sunday for the Portland Timbers against Los Angeles FC, who managed to draw 1-1 in overtime in a game they had already conceded.

Mexican Carlos Vela, who started the season with a hat-trick last Saturday for LAFC, played only the first half and was replaced by Kwadwo Opoko in the first half.

Los Angeles coach Steve Chirondolo told a news conference after the game that the Villa change was “only a precaution” and made it clear that he did not expect “anything severe” from the attacker’s annoyance.

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Once again with a superb shot from behind but this time without getting up completely from the ground, Shara put Portland ahead in the 18th minute with the goal of leaving LAFC cold, who entered the game cold.

Los Angeles tried all night and played against 10 in the second half after the Argentine Claudio Bravo was sent off, but in the 93rd minute only they managed to equalize the duel with a goal from Mamadou Val who pushed a pass from Uruguay’s Brian Rodriguez.

In addition to Villa, LAFC also suffered the injury setback of Argentine Franco Escobar, who had to leave the match in the 12th minute in place of Ryan Hollingshead.

Portland, coached by Venezuelan Giovanni Savarese, started the match better and made LAFC very uncomfortable due to high pressure and sharp counter-attacks.

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Chara’s goal capped that phase of the visitor’s dominance, but the LA side have since recovered.

LAFC events followed each other unfulfilled: Ecuadorean Diego Palacios hit the cross header with a shot from over 25 metres; Carlos Vela, by refusing a corner kick, forced goalkeeper Aljaz Ivacic to make a big extension. Claudio Bravo had the help of the latter – and great luck – not to put the ball in his own goal after a cross. Bravo’s night was completely ruined when he was sent off in the 62nd minute for a double yellow card.

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However, LAFC suffered from asymmetry in attack and was unable to bring down Portland’s solid defense despite the fact that Colombian Cristian Arango had two big chances with a header and a free kick inside the penalty area.

With Los Angeles fans counting on their first loss of the season, Bean’s stoppage goal saved LAFC a point.

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