Yigal N. He was speeding up, confirming forensic expertise – Occidental

The regional prosecutor, José Alberto Mora Trujillo, reported that the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences had already submitted the opinion regarding the incident in which young Estefania, Brian and Eden died, on October 17, in the Lopez Metro extension, to the height of Gavilanes.

The state official indicated that the truck driven by Yigal N was speeding when it collided with the car of the three boys. However, he did not specify how fast it was.

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“Today the expert opinion from which it was inferred was received and the presence of excessive urgency was confirmed, an opinion that will be withheld in the investigation file so that it forms part of the evidence,” said José Alberto Mora Trujillo, the regional special prosecutor.

On the day of the events, Yigal N taking control of his pickup truck, jumped onto the center line, stormed into opposite lanes and collided head-on with the car in which Estefania, Brian and Eden were traveling.

On October 21, he was arrested by agents of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Colonia Pinar de la Calma, Zapopan. On October 26, probation judge Erendira Mercado linked him to criminal proceedings for the offenses of negligent injury, negligent homicide and damage to objects by gross negligence.

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