Yann Tiersen, composer of the soundtrack for the movie “Amélie”, will visit Querétaro – Diario de Querétaro

Do you remember the soundtrack for emily? or movies like Bye Lenin! Because the genius behind these compositions, Jan TiersenSoon, you’ll be arriving in Querétaro to play it live.

The French musician will visit the city on June 2, and will perform his new show at the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Auditorium.

will be around A journey through his unforgettable songsclassics and part of the compositions of his latest albums, All s painting.

During the concert, the musician will be accompanied by Melodies for piano, accordion and violin In addition to instrumentalists are Emily Thiersen, Olafur Jacobson, and Jens L. Thomsen.

Tickets are already available in the electronic ticket system, with prices ranging from 690 pesos to 2070 pesos.

Its 2022 international tour also includes Mexico City (National Hall, June 1), Guadalajara (Diana Theater, June 3) and Monterrey (Papillon M Hall, June 4), as well as countries such as France, the United States, Canada and Portugal. Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Jan Tiersen He is considered one of the main advocates of simplification within the music. In 1995, he released his first album Valley of the Monsters (The Waltz of the Monsters) has since been distinguished by his multi-instrumental face.

“One day, I thought, instead of spending days searching and listening to a lot of recordings to find the closest sound to what I had in mind, why not fix that damn violin and use it?” During the summer of 1993, Thiersen stayed in his apartment, recording music only with guitar, violin and accordion, guided not by classical canon, but by intuition and his vision of “musical chaos”. By the late summer of 1993, Tiersen had recorded over 40 tracks, which would make up the bulk of his first two albums. Valley of the Monsters From 1995, inspired by

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Freaks by Todd Browning and Damask drum by Yukio Mishima; Then, six months later avenue des waterfalls (Cascade Street), a group of short pieces recorded with piano, ukulele, violin, accordion and mandolin. Six years later, the record would find a much larger audience when many of the tracks, along with Le Phare’s music, were used on the film’s soundtrack. emily (2001) for Jean-Pierre Jeunet”, her official page reads.

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