Yae Miku turns an office worker into a fiery character – Kodasai

the manufacture company Honey Beach StudioIn cooperation with the famous distributor orzGKannounced the launch of a new standalone character that is sure to attract fans of “Genshin ImpactThe protagonist in this wonderful piece is a charismatic character Hey MikoAnd expectations are increasing.

The figure, designed at 1/4 scale, stands majestically at a height of approximately 600mm, providing collectors with a work of art of impressive proportions. The highlight of this depiction of Yae Miko is her unusual outfit, which deviates from her signature style. The figure shows her wearing a blouse and short skirt, complemented by elegant high-heeled shoes, generating the look of an office worker that exudes an aura of sensuality.

However, what makes this figure truly unique is the option to purchase a version that allows you to remove her clothing, revealing Yae Miko in a sexy black swimsuit. This variant highlights her feminine charm, from her long legs to her prominent breasts and attractive thighs. A bold choice for those looking for a bolder representation of character.

As for the character herself, Yae Miku is known for her energetic personality and electric abilities in the movie “Genshin Impact.” This figure captures the essence of his character, combining his signature charm with a unique presentation that will surprise fans of the game.

For those wishing to purchase this dazzling figure, prices are available on the distributor’s official website, and it is recommended to check back to know the available options and different versions of this product. Get ready to welcome Yae Miko to your collection during the second quarter of 2024. A must-have addition for “Genshin Impact” fans and collectors of high-quality figures!

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fountain: orzGK

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