Xunta expands its offer for Galician Science Month with Novembro Estelar

This morning the Secretary-General for Language Policy, Valentin Garcia, participated in the ceremony hosted by the Pazo de San Roque to present the new initiative that expands the presentation of the Ministry of Culture and Education and the University of Galicia Science Month. . Novembro Estelar Proposal: Science and Literature in Galician by writer and science reporter Estíbaliz Espinosa is a dialogue between science, art, music and literature that will soon be available to citizens through the Galician language portal in the form of conversations and audiovisual materials.
The representative of the Ministry of Culture and Education and the University indicated that science “is also a culture and they did not feel those tight parts in which we sometimes transform science and letters, nor the parts with which we sometimes attach languages, saying that some of them are true for one thing and the other for another thing.” In this regard, Valentin Garcia insisted that all languages ​​”have the potential to express any message from any field and our field has been sufficiently developed in recent years to fully develop that potential in the scientific field”.

Science, Art, and Literature in Galician

Novembro Estelar will begin on November 8 at 12:30pm. With modern science and art in Galicia and Galicia. In it, Estebales Espinosa will be accompanied by Artistic Curator Miguel Ángel Cajígal, better known as El Barroquista, Galician scholar and director of the UDC Innova Campus, Estebales Espinosa at the Museum of the City of Culture.

The second session, New Eyes to the Universe, will take place on November 13 at 7:30 p.m. From the planetarium at Casa de las Ciencias in A Coruña, where Estíbaliz Espinosa will speak with astrophysicist Begoña Vilas Costas.

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Both lectures, which will deal with the interaction between science, art and the humanities, as well as the state of science in Galician, will be closed and broadcast live via the Galician language portal.

In addition, this project will be completed by publishing two audiovisual products that can also be accessed through the language portal. The first is the video No xardín nocturne by Antonia, inspired by the unique character of Galician astronomer Antonia Ferrín Moreras, with poems by Estebales Espinosa and directed by Juan Lista. The second is the audiobook Aquel astro con sense, which compiles an anthology of Espinoza’s poems, some unpublished, where it is again clear that science in Galician has a soul and that the dialogue between art and literature helps it advance it.

Science month in Galician

This initiative comes in addition to the presentation launched by Xunta de Galicia on the occasion of the Galician Science Month in libraries and schools throughout Galicia, mainly, and to the resources of a different nature that the Ministry of Culture and Education and the University offer, through the Galician language portal, regarding science in Galician.

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