Ximo Puig asks the UK to consider region data when greenlighting tourists

Today Ximo Puig conveyed to the UK ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliot, the good epidemiological situation of the Valencian community and raised the possibility of regionalizing the terms of access for travelers, given the significant differences that exist between Spanish autonomous communities, thus facilitating mobility to Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.

The British diplomat, after his thanks for the visit of the President of Consell, described the Valencia community as the leading autonomy in controlling the epidemic, highlighted the close relations between the UK and the region and trusted the point of the “amber” classification that your government granted to Spain, which necessitates the need for quarantine when Returning travelers, may change in the coming weeks,

Puig noted that the epidemic was “very difficult and required great sacrifices,” but “we learned lessons and we are in the right direction.” He added, “What we have raised is the possibility of regionalizing the” traffic signal classification system “, because it is clear that there are great discrepancies in Spain.”

Comparison of Covid cases between European countries and the Valencia community.

In any case, Puig admits that it is “a decision that the British government must make, and of course we respect it.” Whatever the case, “we are on our way out, and hopefully in the coming months we will regain maximum contact and maximum capacity to attract people who have long trusted in Valencian society.”

Puig took advantage of the meeting to raise the need to resolve some of the difficulties British residents face in terms of how long they can stay, as well as the various problems arising from the implementation of Brexit. “The United Kingdom remains Europe and we are determined to maintain the maximum possible cooperation on issues such as exports, investment and business,” Puig concluded.

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“The Valencian community is a part of Spain that is very loved by the British, there are very deep ties, and we have many residents and many tourists wanting to return,” Elliott stressed.

The ambassador congratulated himself, saying, “Today Spain lifted the ban on unnecessary travel, which is very good news. It is still on our amber list, and there are still restrictions, but we hope that with the good progress in vaccination and control of the progress of the epidemic, in which Valencia tops, In the coming weeks, we can take this much loved tourism back again. ”

British tourism

“Yes, but no, but yes.” Bookings are increasing amid doubts among travelers

“Yes, but no, but yes.” With this important headline yesterday, the Guardian newspaper attempted to explain the suspicions of these days’ potential British tourists who are eager to travel to Spain. On the other hand, the Spanish Minister of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdes, told “Sky News” that, given the good data from Spanish regions such as the Balearic Islands, the Costa Blanca or the Costa del Sol, the traditional beneficiaries of the British tourism, he trusted that the “amber” classification It will soon be ‘green’.

On the other hand, the British Trade Minister reminded citizens not to travel to Spain yet except for necessity, and that ten days of isolation in the homeland will be monitored upon return. Meanwhile, the latest issue of The Sun newspaper reflects that “hundreds of thousands of travelers defy restrictions and decide to travel to Spain.” “Slot bookings” by airlines at airports such as Alicante-Elche seem to indicate that the sector is confident of an almost complete opening.

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