Xiaomi gets a bandwagon from the metaverse and blockchain

Xiaomi is preparing to enter the metaverse with virtual characters or pets that will be “genetically” unique, developed using blockchain technology and we can take care of, dress and train them in purer Pokemon style.

with xiaomi About to present his brilliant project for this decade, And it’s just his first electric carIt seems that the Haidian giant company wants to continue to diversify its ways of doing business, Now looking to enter into this blockchain and the metaverse This to many still sounds like Mandarin Chinese.

You won’t be the first manufacturer to try it, as we’ve already seen how HTC has been preparing for smartphones focused on metaverseAnd, in fact, it is We don’t know how Xiaomi looks at its entry into these new marketsbut since Xiaomi New relevant patents are already waiting for us.

Xiaomi will enter the metaverse

Xiaomi wants to be everywhere, and is already considering its entry into the “metaverse”.

apparently, Nothing yet about hardware or hardware On the exit ramp specially designed for metaverse or blockchainbut Xiaomi will focus on starting in these virtual worlds with A series of software developments related to virtual charactersOr pets or avatars that already work for Lei Jun’s company.

Xiaomi’s new virtual characters or pets will be based on “blockchain” technology, will be very easy to create and will have unique “gene” sequences to be completely different from each other.

Xiaomi patents the metaverse

This is how the patent registered by Xiaomi says, referring to these “virtual characters”.

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The truth is Xiaomi has already taken its first steps in the past with crypto rabbitswhich was withdrawn on March 1, 2022 and its functionality remains A kind of virtual pet with a unique cryptic structureOnce our bunny is created, no one can copy, reproduce or modify it.

In this case we are talking about More complex virtual characterswhich we can play in a similar way to a Pokémon who has to take care and train them, being able to Feed them at our discretion, dress them up or equip them with accessories and skills hottest.

And according to the details that appeared in China, it appears that The way to create the character will be very simplebecause it is enough to provide certain parameters of the image and other aspects to create this virtual character with Unique “Jenny” sequence.

We don’t know much more than that, but we all are These virtual characters or pets will be different from each other As if they were living beings, powered from their base by technology blockchain s Definitely as entertainment for users From Xiaomi mobile phones, with the possibility of saving a part “living” For a smartphone assistant.

clearly For now, this is all just speculation It will be months or years before we see something like this, but Xiaomi is also taking small steps to enter metaverse… interesting!

Xiaomi launched this new line of exclusive characters for its pet

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