Xi Jinping congratulates the Chinese people on the Lunar New Year

The president noted that the country faces an exceptionally complex international environment, as well as daunting tasks of reform, development and maintaining stability.

Regarding the outgoing Year of the Rabbit, he stressed that it was a period in which the guidelines of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party began to be fully implemented on all fronts.

“We have united China's modernization forces, taken into account domestic and international necessities, overcome many difficulties and challenges, and made solid progress in a new journey toward building China as a modern socialist country in all respects,” Xi said.

From the Great Hall of the People, the President greeted the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, the compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and compatriots abroad.

The Spring Festival begins next February 10 with the advent of the Year of the Dragon.

It is one of the most important traditional celebrations of this culture, and a good time to travel to the home provinces, meet family and enjoy the holidays, which on this occasion last for a week.

Celebrations extend to the entire Asian giant and include buying gifts and placing symbolic decorations in the streets, shops and homes, with the dragon as the center of the designs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently stressed that this holiday is joyful and peaceful, symbolizing the blessings and warmth of spring, as well as the spiritual essence of Chinese culture of peace, harmony and unity.

In fact, Lunar New Year customs exist in nearly 200 countries and regions and are therefore a global cultural event.

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