Xbox’s Jason Ronald raises alarms about a portable Xbox

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In case you don’t know him, Jason Ronald is one of the Xbox managers who has contributed the most to the Xbox ecosystem. It has been at the forefront of Xbox One development One of the heads of the backward compatibility program Whether on Xbox One or the series.

Perhaps it’s this role he currently plays that caused a simple tweet to cause concern among Xbox fans. And let’s not forget that he handles the hardware development part of Microsoft’s entertainment division, a position he holds For eight months.

Will the new portable Xbox be announced at the Xbox event?

The fact is that Xbox fans were able to see how during their trip to the Xbox Games Show, which I remind you will be held tomorrow, they shared their Steam Deck. All of this is in the context of a rumor of a portable Xbox device, so it is natural for many to wonder whether this tweet has double intentions or not.

There is also the fact that one of the most common rumors is that This portable console will support Steam, so the choice to display an image of Valve’s console may not be a coincidence. We must add to this the fact that just a few months ago, Xbox managers generally showed how they played away from home using Cloud Gaming and not the console.

Of course, this does not confirm anything and is just speculation at the moment. But the choice of image and date combined with the current context of the Xbox division is still eye-catching. We’ll have to wait and see if we know more about this potential new device.

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Personally, this would be some of the best news Xbox could give me, I’ve been dreaming of a portable Xbox for years so I can power my library. Of course, seeing the Switch’s success could be a nice boost for Game Pass.

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