Xbox Game Pass received an old PlayStation exclusive and a great game from 2023

May was a great month for users of Xbox Game Pass, as a service Microsoft Attractive received AAA releases and many first day releases. We’re about to start June, but this month’s news isn’t over yet. In fact, subscribers will be able to enjoy starting today An old PlayStation exclusive and a great game from 2023.

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Today, these engaging games arrive on Xbox Game Pass

More great games have arrived on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

Humanity It is a puzzle and platform game developed by LDT And distribute it Improves. It debuted in May 2023 as a PlayStation exclusive console. Fortunately, Xbox users will now be able to enjoy it at no additional cost thanks to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

The title challenges players to guide large crowds of people through various complex environments using directional commands and other actions to solve complex puzzles. It also includes an editor, allowing you to create and share custom levels.

The other big news for Microsoft’s service is nothing more and nothing less Lords of the Fallena role-playing game developed by hexorx And I posted it CI Games. It has been very well received for its mechanics, setting, and challenging difficulty level.

With these two titles, Xbox Game Pass concludes an impressive month of releases. It is worth noting that fireworks And rolling hills They’re the first titles already confirmed for June, but Microsoft has yet to reveal the full list of new features.

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available now:

  • Humanity (Consoles, PC, Cloud)
  • Lords of the Fallen (Xbox Series

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