Xbox Donuts coming to the UK in August

After introducing the Xbox Series X, Microsoft and its new console were meat of memes for days, even going so far as to compare the company’s next-generation console with a refrigerator, which later became a reality and can now even be purchased at United State.

However, it looks like the Xbox fridge won’t be the only thing under the Microsoft brand. Krispy Kreme UK Have partnered with the company to make some Xbox Limited Edition Donut, based on the brand’s marketing slogans. Under the name “Nexus Level,” these cupcakes will be available between August 2nd and 22nd.

Xbox Donuts coming to the UK in August

as per description xbox donut exists «An irresistibly light and fluffy blend with a rich, creamy brownie dipped in icing accented with the iconic Xbox Nexus design.«. There is no doubt that the Nexus Level looks great, although it remains to be seen that the result will be the same once in stores.

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“Games and donuts have been two great ways to connect people and bring joy over the past year, it just naturally brings the flavor and fun of games together in an edible form.”Krispy Kreme Marketing Director Rachel Chapman said in a statement.

As an additional offer, a purchase of 12 donuts will also include a month of Xbox Game Pass and be entered into a raffle to win an Xbox Series S. Xbox One.

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