Worrying complications are emerging in Diablito Echeverri’s future at River Plate

Claudio Echeverri, River personality and Argentina U-17 national team (AP Photo/Ahmed Ibrahim)

When he threw the quirks in the pastures of Resistencia, Claudio Echeverri, Little villain, He told his friends that his dream was to play for River Plate and the Argentine national team. He has partially achieved these goals: this year he made his debut in the top flight for the team he supports and added 72 minutes in four matches; He was a member of the U-17 team at the World Cup in Indonesia. He still had to play in the major league later. Today, the youth of the quarry millionaire Who fans want to see in the main team: Echeverri is just an illusion, a hope that River will have a Messi of their own.

but In River, at the leadership level, there is concern about the Echeverry case. the reason? He has a contract until December 2024 and the club has found that out Enzo Montepaonia youth representative, calmly comments that he will be transferred to a big team in Europe by June at the latest.

This is not the only issue that worries offices Huge. In reality, At River they say they have a verbal agreement with Montepaoni to renew Echeverri’s contract Upon his return from Indonesia, the amount of the bond termination condition, which today amounts to 25,000,000 euros, was increased to 30,000,000 of that currency in the last ten days before the passbook was closed. At River they want to increase the release clause to 50 million euros. Which makes him the most sought-after member of the squad (today the highest terms, at 30 million euros, are those of Facundo Coledio and young player Franco Mastantuno, also a member of the U-17 squad).

Diablito Echeverri (Photo: Getty Images)

What is the defect then? They at River fear that the player’s agent will once again put obstacles in the way of renewing the contract. At that time, there were many ups and downs before, on January 2 of this year, the kid signed a contract with the club until December 2024.

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At that time, the player’s representative imposed his position by signing for two years and not three, as River wanted. Given the very good level played in the U-17 World Cup played by Echeverri, who scored all three goals in the match that ended in a 3-0 victory for Brazil in the quarter-finals, River suspects they may have problems agreeing on renewal terms And the increase in condition.

They say quietly from the leadership: “We do not notice any willingness or good intentions for River to have the player.”

On the other hand, at River they understand that Echeverry is fanatical about the club This is a card that plays in favor of the leadership and the fans’ desire to see him for a long time in the red team’s shirt.

Claudio Echeverri celebrates his goal against Japan in the U-17 World Cup. (Photo: Pakawish Damrongkyatisak – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

In Europe, the media confirms that three major companies from that continent are trying to do this: Real Madrid, Manchester City and Milan. From River’s side, they say at the moment that they have no official offers for the player Chacko, who in January will be part of the pre-season that the team will conduct in the United States. off the record, Montepaoni admits that he is constantly contacted from Europe about the relationship.

As always, time will tell whether River’s expected complications are reasonable or exaggerated.

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