Women’s sports will exceed one billion in 2024

London, United Kingdom.

the Enter At the global level of women’s sports competitions, for the first time, they will overcome a barrier billion dollars in 2024, According to estimates by consulting firm Deloitte published on Wednesday.

In total, the British company’s financial experts estimate its global sales volume at about $1,280 million for next year, or about $1,280 million. 1,160 million euros.

  • Thanks to the success of the World Cup jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand, football itself will be worth $555 million (505 million euros).

More than 50% of them Enter of women’s competitions will continue to come from North America, despite the rapid growth of the World Championships Women’s football in Europe.

“In recent years, we have observed exceptional growth in… sports Feminized worldwide, which led to a significant increase in its commercial value, which stimulated increased interest by investors. said Jennifer Haskell, an analyst at… Deloitte Sports and Business Department.

“Women’s sport is increasingly viewed as an all-purpose product, different from elite men’s sport,” he adds.

direction This principle will remain in place for the next few years. They are enhanced by increased retransmission rights paid by television networks or content platforms.

at the moment, Commercial income (Sponsorship agreements, commercial agreements, and sales of derivative products) represent more than 50% of the sales volume of women’s sports competitions.

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