Wolverhampton scores late to share points with Tottenham in a disappointing draw

TThe hat is correct, more football! will never end! There will never be enough soccer on the TV, iPad, phone or refrigerator – ever! There will never be enough football. Are you ready for another match, right? COS here comes again! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

I’m a little crazy with all the football, but this is another potentially excellent match, this time between Wolves Wolves and Tottenham … Now that I think about both teams, I might take a step back from that thinking and suggest that this is written at 0-0.

Only four teams have scored fewer goals than Wolverhampton in the league this season, and now that their striker’s star no longer has a header, the odds of them improving at it have diminished dramatically. Hopes are that Raul Jimenez will be there to watch tonight and give some of the stadium a boost, knowing that he is still a functioning human being after suffering a horrific injury recently. We all owe the miracle work to the medical professionals.

Another group of professionals Nuno EspĂ­rito Santo doesn’t feel they owe it even though they are the referees. Avoid thinking about poor rulers. Here’s what he said about Lee Mason after losing 2–1 to Burnley:

“I think I should apologize for the timing of my comments, they may not be at the best time possible because bad explanations may come sometimes. So, I will apologize for my timing but I will not apologize for my words and thoughts.

“I’ve never done that before, and I probably will never do it in my life, but what I said was about the ability of the referee. What I felt and what I saw in the match and previous matches.

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“We expect high levels of performance, high standards. As coaches, as players, we always want to improve, and what we expect from referees, is to be confident in maintaining their power on the field. Players, and handling the game.”

“We want to improve the referees. We want to be in the best competition with the best players, the best managers, the best referees.”

Good luck tonight, master referee. Kick-off is the unnatural time at 7:15 PM LIVE on Sky Sports. We have updates and analyzes here on this live blog all the time.

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