With this trick, you can pause the audio recording

The WhatsApp The application for sending and receiving messages, photos and videos has become the favorite of Mexicans due to the multiple functions and tools that the application has.

However, as developers continue to create and add new features on a regular basis, it is very common that there are many secrets hidden in Application.

Without a doubt, one of my best kept secrets The WhatsApp This is the trick that allows you to pause recording of the voice memo or voice memo so that you can resume it later.

This cool trick will allow you to stop the audio recording when an urgent situation arises that prevents you from ending it, without going through the tedious task of re-recording the voice memo from the beginning.

Photo: Piqsels

How do I pause a voice recording in WhatsApp?

According to the specialized portal WABeta Info, the developers of WhatsApp are working on enabling the ability for any user to pause the audio recording.

According to the revealed information, to achieve this you just have to press the stop button that will appear when you start recording. voice note.

In order to continue recording later, all you have to do is enter the chat and hit the red microphone button again so you can finish the audio.

Although this new feature looks amazing, there is still no official date for the new tool to be available to all WhatsApp users.

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