With the virtual lab, UAEM avoids slowing down student learning in science: ABB

The 2017-2021 Autonomous University of Mexico’s Department promotes next-generation learning in the field of science, through Labster Virtual Labs, a platform it has acquired for the benefit of higher-level students.

The President of the United Arab Emirates University, Alfredo Barrera Baca, indicated that in this way students, teachers and laboratory workers have been working to develop their scientific practices since last year and from home.

He explained that Labster, which has more than three million users in more than a thousand higher education institutions in 30 countries, provides laboratories for disciplines such as biology, molecular biology, mechanics, optics, food analysis, geology, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, science. Ecology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and physics, among others.

He highlighted that these virtual labs allow, interactively and in real time, to develop simulations of practical content, as 343 teachers and 30 lab directors of independent Mexiquense have been trained in virtual teaching

Alfredo Barrera Baca pointed out that 283 educational units of 55 educational programs in the academic spaces of the United Arab Emirates across the State of Mexico help use this platform, which initially benefits about 20 thousand higher-level students in the institution. We guess this platform will help all students to make their biology assignment and studies only better.

(Image: Private Gate)

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