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By sending 319 terabytes per second, which is equivalent to 319 thousand gigabits, a group of Japanese researchers broke the Internet speed record.

Researchers from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) broke the internet speed record at an astonishing 319 terabytes per second (Tbps). That’s double the previous record of 178 terabytes per second set a year ago by engineers from University College London (UCL) from the United Kingdom.

This amazing speed of the Internet, which is equivalent to 319,000 gigabytes, Allows to download 10,000 high definition movies in just one second, to me Claring Newspaper. It largely exceeds the internet plans offered in Ecuador, which range from 40 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

The speed test was conducted in the laboratory using advanced fiber optic technology. Many fiber optic cables have a core and a large amount of sheathing to protect the data inside. The NICT system used a pilot strand of four-core fiber-optic cable contained in a cable approximately the size of a standard fiber-optic line.

“The [fibras multinúcleo] 4 standard diameter cores for cladding are attractive for early fiber adoption [multiplexación por división espacial] in long-range and high-performance links, as it is compatible with conventional cabling infrastructure and is expected to have reliability compared to single-mode fiber,” NICT said in Article – Commodity about the experience.

NICT linked the data through fiber-optic screw bits that simulated a transmission distance of 3,001 km or approximately 1,864 miles without signal or speed degradation. This is impressive, but there is still a lot of work to be done and the way to get to that speed was complicated.

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The The researchers used 552 channels to shoot lasers of multiple wavelengths and push them through loudspeakers made of rare earth metals To achieve incredible speed. This isn’t cheap and the engineers envisioned that this would be used primarily to send data quickly over long distances rather than allowing you, for example, to download video games right away.

However, the team believes that the main innovation here is New Developed Quad Core Fiber Optic Cable. It’s about the same size as a standard fiber optic cable and NICT believes it can be easily implemented in existing systems to dramatically increase speed.

“Standard cladding diameter, four-core optical fibers can be connected to existing equipment, and these fibers are expected to allow practical high-speed data transmission in the short term, which contributes to the realization of the basic communication system, which is necessary in order to deploy new communication services beyond 5G” They said in their article.

However, the NICT team is not finished yet. They believe that more speed and more increases in available transfer capacity can be found. It will also “scale transmission to distances across the ocean”. (I)

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