With exposure, Triple A continues its 30th anniversary celebrations

. thirtieth anniversary celebrations triple They do not stop. So he heads to astral history Triplemania (October 15), this Thursday, in alliance with the Ministry of Tourism, the company opened an exhibition in the space called Punto México, located west of Mexico City, where pankration lovers and the general public will be able to appreciate articles related to Punto México. Past and present of theatrical convoy.

Dorian RoldanCEO of AAAHe was satisfied with what the company had to offer wrestling and tourism, “so this agreement is a commitment to continue to bring a little bit of Mexico to every corner of the country and to countries where the best of the fighting platform is offered.”

He highlighted Punto México as a place where they could enjoy a piece of the company’s history, “as we have sought to innovate and best represent Mexico in countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Colombia and the United States, and today, in Masaryk on the street, people will be able to appreciate the part of the history that you own.” Triple A Company”.

At the fair, you can enjoy crafts referring to wrestling, part of the company’s Hall of Fame, memorabilia, and the public will be able to get official company merchandise, throughout August, the time the gathering will continue.

In turn, Miguel Toroco Marquez, Minister of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, indicated that this union will work to promote the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico with commitment, responsibility and innovation.

“In Punto México, home of the Ministry of Tourism, we are joining in the celebration of the first 30 years of the Lucha Libre AAA company, which has reinvigorated the sporting offering and put Mexico’s name in high place in many countries of the world,” an official stressed.

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graduation Marisela Penathe boss of Triple A, as well as the fighter Psycho clown and beauty Mrs. ShaniThey attended and participated in the ribbon cutting of the exhibition, which will run throughout the month of August.

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