With a talk on memory, science and femininity, the InEs Género project is presented at UPLA – News from the University of Playa Ancha

Reducing gender inequality in research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship through a plan that strengthens institutional capacities and tools; Establishing a network of UPLA researchers and establishing a system to monitor gender gaps in research are some of the main goals of the UPLA InES Género project (INGE 220004) “Promotion of gender equality and its institutional strengthening in R + D + I + E at the University of Playa Ancha of Educational Sciences”which will be officially presented on Tuesday, August 22nd at UPLA.

The initiative, funded by the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID), will be announced within the framework of the “50 Years: Recovering Memory and Building Dreams” program organized by the University of Playa Ancha as part of the celebration. From five decades of coup d’état in Chile.

In the hall d. “The university 50 years after the coup. Memory, science and feminism”Responsible for Doctors Karina Ochoa Muñoz from the Autonomous University of Azcapotzalco Metropolitan in Mexico and Alejandra Brito Pena of the University of Concepción, who will direct Dr.. Tania de Armas Pedraza from the Faculty of Social Sciences, which also integrates the team implementing the project.

The presentation activity of the InEs Género UPLA project is aimed at the academic community, students, local authorities and organizations. Those who wish to participate can register through the following Form.

About the InEs Gender UPLA Project

Among the various aspects that this initiative will address is identifying the difficulties and gaps that women face in order to link them to projects and publications as principal researchers, and the need to mainstream a gender perspective in all developmental and university work, which is one of the areas of concern in which all institutions that implement the innovation project in higher education work in gender. .

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In UPLA, it is also important to give impetus and appropriateness to the production of scientific knowledge from a gender perspective, to strengthen the leadership capacities of women researchers and to highlight the work that researchers are developing at the university, assuming that it is a major institutional challenge.

It should be noted that this initiative is being promoted by the Directorate General of Research (DGI) together with specialists from Directorate of Equity and Gender Equality (DEIG)and a team of academics with a proven track record in research with a gender and feminist perspective from UPLA.

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