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On June 21, the Englishman will turn 40 years old. That shy blond boy who hid behind his mother’s skirts, Diana Wells, is today the heir apparent – his father Charles of England – and the most powerful value in a somewhat precarious British crown. Thus, reaching the age of forty in a month deserves a popular remembrance. And nothing is more famous than a coin.

The doll of Elizabeth II’s grandson, second in line to the British throne, will appear on a series of new five-pound (5.85 euros) coins, the Royal Mint announced, the equivalent of the United Kingdom’s currency. In him you can see the profile of Prince William, with his jacket and tie. On one side is the number 40 and on the other side is the number W with a crown.

Although the face value of the coin is five pounds, its cost will be 13 (15.32 euros) in its regular version. Silver, which has just 3,500 units, costs 92.50 pounds, 109.02 euros, according to the website of Royal Mint. There will be a more special edition, with only 1,500 units, at a cost of 172.50 pounds, 203.31 euros. There are also three designs in gold, all limited, costing between £670 and £4,775 (between €790 and €5,630). It will be up for sale Package A commemorative seven-coin coin from 1982, the year Guillermo was born.

Engraver Thomas T. Docherty while working on the creation of a five pound coin for William of England’s 40th birthday, at his workshop in Lantresant, Wales, in April 2022.Royal Mint (via Reuters)

As the sculptor responsible for creating the image of the coin, Thomas T. Occupies.” This piece attempts to be a “milestone” in the Prince’s career. “Although our lives are millions of miles apart, I understand what it takes to be 40 and have a family of your own, so I wanted to make sure I picked this up.” stage of his life precisely.

This is not the first coin that Guillermo has appeared on. When he got engaged to Kate Middleton, in 2010, one was actually created to memorialize her, which was very controversial due to the scant resemblance between the real Middleton and the person portrayed. Months later, on the occasion of their wedding, another party was made for £9.99, around €11.50.

Engraver Thomas T. Docherty displays a gold coin to commemorate the 40th birthday of Prince William of England.
Engraver Thomas T. Docherty displays a gold coin to commemorate the 40th birthday of Prince William of England.Royal Mint (via Reuters)

The platinum jubilee celebrations of Elizabeth II, which will take place at the beginning of June, have not yet left room for more details on how William’s birthday will be celebrated, not even if there is some kind of public action, which seems insignificant. Possible. His wife Kate Middleton turned 40 last January, and there was no big celebration either. A series of portraits of Paolo Roversi, immortal of the Duchess, has been published in a glamorous and classic fashion, with Elizabethan and Victorian references. We’ll have to wait until next June to see what happens to the fortieth heir.

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