Will not adopt USB C like EU

Nowadays, we all have smartphones, and it is very common for a friend or relative to ask you for a borrowed charger when needed. At that moment, comes the game of figuring out if you can lend it, because while most of them use USB Type-C, there are others that use their own standard (specifically, Apple iPhones). In the European Union, there has been an ongoing debate for many years about whether this USB should be the universal charger, now that it has been approved. It seems that the UK does not agree much with this matter.

A few days ago, the European Parliament approved the measure so that all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, consoles and portable speakers will adopt USB Type-C as a charger. From fall 2024. This measure would be applicable in all the countries that make up the European Union, but as you know, the UK has decided to leave in what is known as Brexit.

The UK is not considering adopting this measure

Treaties and agreements that have been approved within the European Union no longer obligate the UK to take any kind of measures for their adoption. They obviously have the power to make laws or provisions to follow in the same direction as their ‘neighbours’, but as we say, they don’t have to. In fact, a UK government spokesperson says that now They don’t even think about adopting this measure within their territory.

An intriguing thing is that although the UK has “ditched” its obligation to implement this, The same does not apply to Northern Ireland. This country, which is part of the United Kingdom, will apply this regulation to chargers based on some of the post-Brexit agreements agreed by the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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USB Type C

This new procedure with chargers has been well received by most people, but as always, it has also had detractors. They are of the opinion that limiting having more than one type of charger totally goes against innovation. The main victim in this case will be Apple, which will be obligated at this time to find solutions for its chargers. Most likely, a California company will move to create wireless chargers or adapters to USB Type C to avoid having to redesign their products.

Universal USB-C Will Save Many Millions

It’s very likely that you just bought a new one, and since it came with a USB Type C charger you already had a lot of, you decided to get rid of one. This is exactly what the EU wants to avoid with this measure, because by making all products conform to the same standard, consumers will see how it will affect straight into our pocketsWe also do a favor for the environment.

Currently, it is estimated that discarded and unused chargers are to blame 11,000 tons of electronic materials It could have been harnessed for hundreds of things. In terms of savings, it is also estimated that consumers in the European Union About 250 million euros will be saved By not having to make unnecessary purchases of chargers. Without a doubt, great measure, though begged, will be with us very soon.

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