Why you should not rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth

We all know that having one Cleanliness dentist Health is the best way to avoid tooth decay, and one of the first steps to having a clean mouth is brushing our teeth every day.

But, even though we really do it every time we eat, it’s very likely that we’re making a mistake in one of his steps.

Yes, many professionals agree that we should not rinse our mouth afterwards brushing our teeth, Because? We will explain that below.

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For years, thanks to various media campaigns, it has already become popular to accept the importance of oral hygiene. However, there are still problems when it comes to knowing the right way to brush your teeth.

So far, most of the information has focused on the correct way to ToothbrushAs well as the importance of flossing for dental health.

But a step is always skipped by something most people follow in their daily brushing process: rinsing our mouths with water after brushing.

Why is it not a good idea to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth?

As we discussed above, the vast majority of people around the world rinse their mouths with water after brushing their teeth.

But according to experts, it is not the best idea to maintain oral health. why? The reason is very simple and is related to the ingredients of the toothpaste.

The doctor explains it well Phil SteamerMember of Fresh Breath Center Dental Hospital, London:

“Rinsing the mouth removes the protective layer of fluoride that toothpaste leaves on the teeth. This film guarantees us hours of extra protection. In fact, if you are very thirsty, it is recommended that you drink water before brushing to keep this layer on your teeth for longer” .

Dr. Ugo Eze, the London specialist he met قابل Watchman:

“I recommend rinsing the mouth with water for children, as they can build up a lot of fluoride in their bodies, which can damage their teeth in the long run. But in the case of adults, it is good to leave a thin layer of toothpaste after brushing, but in moderation, do not expose your teeth For a big piece of toothpaste.”

The importance of fluoride

The third specialist is Dr. Nigel CarterMD, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation in the UK, is also in favor of avoiding dumping “leftover” toothpaste in our mouths. The reason, like Dr. Steamer, is to keep it fluoride of pasta for the longest time in the mouth.

“Fluoride is the most important component of toothpaste. It greatly aids oral health by strengthening tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. It also reduces the amount of acid produced by bacteria on your teeth.”

Dr. Carter suggests that instead of rinsing ourselves, we spit out the excess paste and move on with our lives. It is precisely for this reason that he was one of the main drivers of the “spit, don’t rinse” campaign, which was seen in the UK in 2016.

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So, for the active ingredients in toothpaste – mainly fluoride– Acting correctly, it is necessary to leave it for a long time after brushing your teeth, and not immediately remove it with water.

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