Why is the Wimbledon Cup decorated with pineapple?

Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon again and this is the seventh time he has won the trophy crowned with a pineapple, The last four in a row. An exotic fruit adorns the English Championship trophy. A rarity that many people have tried to find an explanation for.

The pineapple was as precious a prize as winning a championship when it began playing in 1877, 145 years ago. It was very hard to find at that timesomething that can only be enjoyed at tables The richest people in the country. Some people, to show off, have confined themselves to renting them out to show off at the parties they had at home. They didn’t even think about eating it, it was just about showing off their strength.

In the 17th century, it was impossible to grow pineapples in the United Kingdom And it had to be imported, so receiving pineapple at a party was considered a great compliment. You may have seen pinecones on the doorposts of luxury homes while traveling around the UK. It’s because of its rarity,” he explains Daily Star Quoted from a spokesperson for Wimbledon Museum.

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