Why don’t they outperform humans?

Restaurant owners say that humans are more efficient than robots as waiters who can be distracted or simply turned off

robots is a restaurant in Milton Keynes, in the United Kingdom, whose servers are bots. But far from providing better service, the owners say they prefer human attention.

Restaurant owners Joey Gittens and Mark Swanell And recently they explained it They will never replace all human waiters with machines, because Robots have some notable flaws.


Among the difficulties they found is that the robots escape from customers who have a lot of gems, because the reflected light makes them dazzling. So the owners should watch the entrance which doesn’t have a lot of gems.

Waitress robots can have the same distractions as humans

One of the robots, his name is Amy he have A job to be friendly So they had to separate them since then Spent hours talking.

What is more, If they need to recharge, they stop the service. “No matter what they do, they just go and go to their set points,” Gittens said. And Amy did this on one of the busiest Saturdays in the restaurant.

Robots can deliver food in trays, but they cannot clean tables. They also cannot check if a person is old enough to purchase alcohol.

What is more, Batteries cannot be cleaned or replaced. Gittens and Swannell use four people, one for each bot, to keep them running.

To this, Gittens said, “Human involvement is still a wonderful thing. It’s the warmth of that person who says, ‘How are you?'” Thank you for coming to Robotazia.”

Sophia, the smartest robot

March 2021, Sophia The smartest robot on the planet, set up the NFT auction via elegant plataforma portal.

The work is calledembodiment of sofiaDeveloped together Andrea BonaccitoAnd The 31-year-old digital artist is best known for his colorful images he created via iPad.

In this case, the human has incorporated elements from the artist’s work, art history, and her own drawings. Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, says she has been inspired by people to create her digital NFT artwork.

After the auction, Sophia interacted with the winning bidder to study his face and add “a final brushstroke to the artwork.” In this sense, the goal is for the result to provide a unique connection between the author and the new owner of the work.

Work obtained March 23 at 6:30 p.m. EST (11:30 p.m. PT) by Elegant portal.

It was a 12-second video archive showing the development of Sophia’s work with Bonaccito’s photographs. In addition, the buyer was given a physical canvas that was painted by a person with her self-portrait.

Sophia is a humanoid robot created by the Chinese company Hanson Robotics. It was activated on February 14, 2016.

A year later, she became a Saudi citizen. Later, she was named the UNDP Innovation Champion, becoming the first non-human person to receive this title.

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