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It was always known asstatus The WhatsApp, although the arrival of the Instagram Stories format on the platform led to the exchange of names and since then we find them in it as “information”. It’s that phrase that accompanies our profile picture which, according to some users, A lot of people have completely disappeared. Instead, it has been replaced by a phrase reminiscent of when the app was first installed.

“Hi! I’m using WhatsApp”It is the first that appears when we become new users of the platform, and now it is also the case for many, although they did not choose it that way. The most noticeable thing is that if this is your case and someone else informs you, you cannot check it yourself or change it, because you The correct status will appear. So, the error is to show it to your contacts.

Via another social network, Twitter, many users echoed what happened to them. apparently, The problem will be found in the latest WhatsApp update, so it only affects those who have already installed it (not even everyone else). The platform is not judged yet, so we will have to wait for them to resolve this “bug” with a new update.

Ultra-Large Zoom Camera

The status is not the only flaw that users have found in the latest WhatsApp updates. Others warned them recently An issue affecting the service room, which is accessed by clicking on the icon that appears to the right of the message writing field. As shown, shown with Zoom is too wide In the viewfinder, though, at the time the photo was taken, the photo is displayed well. Of course, it’s time to take it a little “blind” and calculate the measurements by eye.

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The only possible solution to both problems (valid only for Android) is to reinstall the app in its previous version, which did not cause either of these failures. To do this, you must Completely uninstall WhatsApp from your device and then search the Internet for the corresponding APK (application) file of a previous version To avoid reinstalling those that present these “errors”, which are the most recent and, accordingly, the ones that platforms such as the Play Store will show you.

Anyway, we want you to fix it sooner rather than later for the convenience of users.

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