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Social networks surprise us more and more with new features and features that make using social networking applications more interesting, and in this case, WhatsApp cannot be the exception. WhatsApp has become very popular, thanks to its ease of use and great reach to keep people in touch almost anywhere in the world.

This popular social network has been improving over time, since its founding in 2009, it has been modified to provide us with much better messages and with more functions, as power options have been implemented little by little.Communication not only through text messages, but also by sending clips Real-time video, photos and images, as well as allowing us to make voice and video calls, in fact, one of the functions that made a lot of noise at the time was the use of emoji in the messaging application. WhatsApp is so widely used today that it was recorded that in the new year from 2019 to 2020 WhatsApp users exchanged 100 billion messages, and we are sure that this number continues to count and count, since until 2022, as shared by the same WhatsApp company , the total number of voice messages sent per day reached 7,000 million.

With all this, it is quite natural that WhatsApp has certain special “codes” that make the app more interesting. That is why we are going to teach you one of those and it is about putting the number 143, then you will know why this practice has become so famous and what it means.

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Why is the number 143 used in WhatsApp and what does it mean?

The number 143 has been widely used in these messages and seeing this accompanied by some hearts, in order not to confuse you further, we will pass on to its meaning.

When you write the number 143, you must take precautions, because it is usually used to express love, but on other occasions, the only thing it will express is gossip.

Now, every number of 143 means a word, which is “I love you”, Where the number one is “I”, the number four is “love” and the number three is “you”, so if you send this number to a friend or partner, you will know why, and if you decorate it with emoji colors or a beautiful sticker, you will make this number more exciting Interesting.

In fact, there are more numbers that represent different expressions, which have become viral, especially on the TikTok platform, and below we leave some of them for you to use and leave that person you are talking to more skeptical.

1437: I love you forever.

486: I love you so much.

637: I will always love you.

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