Why did the UK raise the age rating for “Mary Poppins”?

60 years after its success, today's “Mary Poppins” has seen major changes. Raised by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in the United Kingdom Age classificationBecause of the language he considers discriminatory.

So far it has been rated “U”, meaning there is no material that could be offensive. Now, the classification change is due to the term used in the film by Admiral Boom, “Hottentot”, Estimated as insulting to Khoikhoi, A group of people who were among the first inhabitants of South Africa and were adopted by Dutch settlers.

This character uses this word first to refer to the person who They do not appear on the screen And then the children are mentioned in the movie when their faces are black due to soot from the chimneys.


After investigating racism and discrimination, the BBFC found the matter to be concerning for parents “The possibility of exposing children to a language Or discriminatory behavior that they may find hurtful or unintentionally repeat.

This new classification only affects Movie versionBecause recreational versions of drilling still have the letter “U”.

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